DTF Instructions

Dream Transfers *Warm/Cold peel*:

*Warm/Cold PEEL

*Heat press to 325-350° F depending on your press. We recommend starting with a lower temp and going to a higher temp if needed. 

*Press the shirt or material before adding the transfer to remove moisture.

*Lay the transfer down flat with the design facing the material.  


*Press the transfer for 12 seconds


(Next steps are optional if transfer doesn't adhere to the garment)

*Cover the design with a Teflon sheet

*Press for 12 more seconds

~If the transfer is having trouble sticking we recommend pressing for 2-3 more seconds. Keep in mind peel gently while the transfer is still hot.

These transfers can be applied to 100% cotton, 100% polyester and poly/cotton blends

~*~THESE TRANSFERS MUST BE PRESSED USING A HEAT PRESS. These will NOT work using an at home iron or any other type of hand held press.

The colors on transfers may vary slightly due to screen resolution and settings per device. 

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